Robert DeNiro Will Be Receiving A Visit From The Secret Service After This!

Robert DeNiro is just another washed up, has-been liberal actor. No one watches his movies any more…when was his last hit? No doubt most his roles are playing angry alcoholic geriatrics! But after his last outburst, he should be expecting a visit from the FBI and Secret Service!

Speaking on “The View” (who watches that rubbish anyway..), DeNiro repeated his claim that he wants to punch Trump in the face! The problem is, Trump is now PRESIDENT TRUMP and that makes what he said super serious!

Of course when he said it, the leftist crowd clapped and cheered – but that’s the thing, when will these people learn? They lost and they’re the minority! Either LEAVE, or get on the Trump Train!

We’ve got an idea! Let’s share this as many times as we can, and tell the world to boycott DeNiro! DeNiro had come on The View to sell his terrible new movie “The Comedian”..

How’s about we tell EVERYONE to boycott this ‘actor’ and movie and not give him any more money!!!!



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