S.N.L Writer Katie Rich SUSPENDED For BULLYING BARRON TRUMP! She SHOULD Be Fired! Y’all With Us?!

Y’all – this is NOT good enough! As previously reported, Katie Rich a writer for ‘Saturday Night Live’ sent out a sick tweet about Barron Trump, but she has not been fired! Here’s what we must do!

During the inauguration, Katie Rich thought it was appropriate to tweet “Barron will be this country’s homeschool shooter”… Today an anonymous source for NBC has advised she was suspended as soon as she sent the tweet, the lengh of her suspension is not known.

However, we don’t think that is good enough! This is a 10-year-old boy!

The bully – Katie Rich

We are calling for her to be fired! If you agree, share this post with the #FireKatieRich! Do it, today and support Barron!

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