What Sarah Huckabee Announced Sinks MSM Lies And The Fake Russia Stories!

It was only last week that mainstream media claimed that President Trump would use his executive powers to veto the former FBI Director James Comey from testifying about what he knew about Trump and Russia. Much of mainstream media claimed that this would be a sure sign that Trump did in fact work with Russia to win the presidency and bring down Hillary Clinton.

Well, guess what? Sarah Huckabee just announced that Trump won’t do this… And why? Because he has nothing to fear, it’s not true.

“A President and those who assist him must be free to explore alternatives in the process of shaping policies and making decisions, and to do so in a way many would be unwilling to express except privately. These are the considerations justifying a presumptive privilege for Presidential communications. The privilege is fundamental to the operation of Government, and inextricably rooted in the separation of powers under the Constitution.” – Sarah Huckabee on President Trump not stopping Comey from testifying.

Watch here:

So what will the mainstream say now? While none of know what Comey will say, the mainstream media don’t either, despite them acting like they do and that Comey will bring down Trump.

No one knows, but to suggest that Trump would block Comey and then suggest it was because there is a link between Trump and Russia is 100% fake news!

Again, you can never trust the mainstream. They are full of it!

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