Sarah Palin on Trump – What she said will make the world take notice!

Earlier this week Donald Trump called out the United Nations via Twitter as a ‘club for people to have a good time’. 

While the President-elect didn’t specially mention the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel settlements in the Palestinian Territories – Mr Trump appeared to be continuing his earlier criticism.

However, we believe that it was Sarah Palin – a vocal Trump supporter – whose comments will make the world and the UN take notice!

Speaking about the United Nations and Trump’s comments she said it was unnecessary for the United States to import the dysfunctional bureaucracy of the United Nations since ‘homegrown bureaucracy is already doing such a good job of messing up American life’.

“Unfortunately, the UN’s presence, even in the U.S. – all that has done is said to people like John Kerry and his desire to essentially cave to other countries, he is essentially inviting other countries to exercise veto power over us, over U.S national security measures!”

Wow! And she didn’t let up there, going on to call for the US to leave the UN – “let’s get going on putting America first so that we can sweep our own porch before telling other nations how to sweep theirs”.

Damn! We agree! Who thinks we should be putting America First!

We agree, Sarah Palin!




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