Secret Service Agent Who Trashed Trump Just Learned Her Fate!

As previously reported, the Secret Service again who said during last year’s president campaign that she “wouldn’t take a bullet” for candidate Donald Trump has finally learned her fate.

In a post made in October 2016, Kerry O’Grady insisted that she would rather “face jail time” than take a bullet for Trump – in the same post she endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Well, according to Washington Examiner, O’Grady has been permanently removed from her senior position. She had been on administrative leave for the last two months while the Secret Service continues to conduct an investigation into her comments.

Sources within the Secret Service told the Examiner that just two weeks ago the agency posted a job listing for the Denver special agent in charge position on an internal job board.

She’s going to be FIRED!

The Secret Service has had a rough time recently, dealing with accusations which claim it’s security regarding the White House has been poor.

This has been highlighted by recent incidents, on March 10, a man was able to scale three White House fences and was on the White House grounds for 16 minutes before he was apprehended. According to reports, he was close enough to the White House that he was able to rattle the handle to a White House door.

The Secret Service was forced to detain two more people over the weekend: one who jumped a bike rack in front of the president’s house while the other drove to a White House checkpoint and said he had a bomb in his car.

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