Sen. Rand Paul – says something that will make John McCain very, very uncomfortable!!!!

Sen. Rand Paul has appeared on Fox to discuss the leak of an intelligence dossier to the press. During the interview Paul made his intentions clear that whoever leaked that information should be punished…

At a press conference on Wednesday Trump said that Russia was likely behind cyberattacks against US entities, but struck back against details from the dossier that were released by some press agencies.

Appearing on Fox to discuss the matter, Paul said “Anyone who leaked it [to the public] should be prosecuted,” Paul said, “If an intelligence agency head talked to the media, they should go to jail; if it was [someone in the] Obama administration, they should go to jail.” If you can’t trust the FBI to keep secret information likely to cause a public official to be blackmailed, it increases the risk of said officials being extorted, he said. “Somebody is releasing information [someone] is using to blackmail,” Paul said.

As we know by now, one of those who passed a dossier on was John McCain!

Will we see the prosecution and imprisonment of McCain in 2017?



One thought on “Sen. Rand Paul – says something that will make John McCain very, very uncomfortable!!!!

  • 01/16/2017 at 1:26 am

    No – McCain basks in the heroic and patriotic myth that he created for himself as a prisoner-of-war of North Vietnam. (The Vietnamese say that his US Politician father’s overture to get him released – merely made it more important to hold him – and that John had no choice in the matter.) Hopelessly romantic to expect an aggressor to get special treatment just because his father is an author of that aggression. And Yet – the USA didn’t learn a damn thing from the war on Vietnam. (Mind You – that the Social security Trust Fund was raided by WashDC to fund it.). We just transferred it to somewhere else – where our chances of “winning” were much better. And now we are much further in debt – with nothing but “9-11”, and a series of other attacks in our homeland, and endless, on-going war, to show for it. Wake Up! – Folks.


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