Sheriff Clarke At CPAC: Sinks Obama & Salutes Trump All In One EPIC Speech!


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is certainly a favorite in our office! The proud Patriot and Trump supporter doesn’t need an introduction – the man is amazing. But it was his speech at CPAC that really made us proud.

Addressing the audience Clarke closed out CPAC with a speech promoting pride in America under President Donald Trump.

“In president donald trump, we have chosen a leader,” he said.

Of course, the sheriff directed some of his speech to supporting the police and abiding the law.

“The rule of law doesn’t divide us. It binds us together in our great American life,” he said.

And he took time to note that he sensed a lack of pride in the nation during the 8 years of President Obama.

Clarke said he sensed a lack of pride in the nation for the last eight years under President Barack Obama.

He concluded saying freedom means that the people decide their own destiny.

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