Sheriff Clarke Lays Into Madonna – What He Said Will Have Madonna Running To Mexico!

We respect Sheriff David Clarke. The Milwaukee County Sheriff is man who is listened to; he speaks with such authority and intelligence. Appearing on Lou Dobbs tonight, Sheriff was asked to provide his thoughts on Madonna and her comments to “blow up the White House”. What the Sheriff said will have Madonna running south!

To get things going Sheriff calls Madonna “an ageing over-the-hill performer (and) doesn’t sell albums like she used too”. Even the Sheriff knows she is just trying to say relevant, but our ears don’t lie – she made a threat to blow up the White House and murder our President!

The Sheriffs recommendation? “I think she should at least get a visit from the FBI or some Secret Service agents”

Watch it below:

Do y’all agree? We do! Law enforcement needs to visit Madonna ASAP before she escapes the country!

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