SHOCK: Are Democrats Selling Their Bodies To Fund Their Causes? (PHOTOS REVEAL ALL)

It was a question asked by many Republican’s and Conservatives during the 2016 presidential election. How many so many different liberal causes funded?

Surely, George Soros wasn’t funding everything?

Well, it is now believed according to Mike Jones, an investigative freelance reporter working out of Washington D.C that grassroots campaigns were funded by Democrats prostituting themselves online via social media and classifieds.

Jones says he begun digging after his investigations revealed that the Democratic party itself was dedicating most of its funding towards the Clinton campaign. How could it, he asked, in turn then fund such causes as BLM and anti-abortion and women’s marches?

“The answer was easy” says Jones. “Grassroots supports were selling sex online and using the money to prop up the party and it’s causes”.

Ironic says Smith, because some of the funding directly supported pro-abortion campaigns.

Here is what he found – press next to see each article.

Mike is still shocked by his discoveries and is not surprised no major news media outlet will take on the story.

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