Shocking Exclusive:”Pro Hillary Think Tank Paid Me To F#$K Men So They Would Vote For Hillary”

Shocking new allegations have emerged from a former porn star who alleges that a pro Hillary think tank paid her to sleep with random men so they would vote for Hillary in the 2016 election.

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The former adult entertainer who asked to remain nameless out of fear, said she was approached in June 2016 by a known Hillary think tank

“they came to me when i was in financial strife, they offered me $500 for every man i f#@ked and who ended up voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election”

“I knew this might be illegal, but you know; the money was to good and its not like i hadn’t done this before”

The nameless pron star went on to say she had sexual intercourse with around 700 men over a 4 month period .

“sometimes i did 5 men at a time, it became a 24/7 job. I like to think i pounded the pavement harder than anyone else during that election”

“I ended up making around $350,000, it was the best paying job i have ever had”

Lucky for the USA her efforts were in vain and the right man won.

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