Shocking Video: Liberal “Anarchists” Attack Trump Supporters

The left claims that “when they go low, we go high.” However, they showed their true colors after President Donald Trump entered the White House. They are willing to use violence and force to intimidate anyone they disagree with.

Watch (below) what happens when Trump supporters end up near a group of thugs who oppose Trump’s sensible, temporary ban on travel from 7 countries with terrorist ties. Clearly, these liberals don’t care that the list was created by President Obama’s administration.

 Some protesters seemed to be peaceful, but others were quite violent. The Trump supporter was hit so hard that he was unconscious, and yet they still mock him while lying on the floor.

Sadly, no arrests were made:

Not everyone was left with a positive impression of the protesters. Jill Pederson, a mother from Oregon City, claims she and her son were verbally assaulted by protesters. She said he believes it is because of the Brigham Young University sweatshirt he was wearing.
“The language they were using, the signs they had up had all sorts of derogatory, and insulting things that any family member should ever be exposed to,” she said. “I felt very unsafe. I think it’s terrible they got into a fight, riot gear had to be pulled over here that my son and I had to hide. It’s not okay.”

For others, the airport was an outlet to express their freedom of speech, but there are boundaries they say protesters should respect.

“I think it’s our right. If that’s what they want to do, whatever they’re fighting for then yeah, as long as it’s a common cause and as long as it stays as peaceful as possible, I think they should be able to do that,” said Bowman.
“It’s good to see that people are standing up and speaking for their rights,” said Steve Baker from Eugene.

A spokesperson from PDX says the airport remained open and operational throughout the day despite protests. There were no arrests, Port of Portland Police said.

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