Sick Muslim gang attacks! Also accused of regular ‘Sharia Law’ patrols

This is absolutely disgusting! As you will see in the video – a young girl, named only as Patricia is attacked by a gang of six migrants led by a muslim named only as Leonie. They are purported to have carried out several Sharia-inspired attacks across the European capital of Vienna.

The attacked occurred in the centre of the Austrian capital which left the victim with a broken jaw in two places and was filmed by her muslim attackers.

Prosecutors believe this is not the first crime this gang has committed, and believe they now have enough evidence to prove this attack was one of many carried out by the migrant muslim gang!

They are also accused of beating up another girl the day after the attack on Patricia, where Leonie is said to have kicked her in the face while two boys held her down.

The names of the rest of the six-member gang, who are all aged between 15 and 21, have not been released.

She said she did not react to the attack because she had no chance of fleeing the terrifying thugs.

Patricia said: “What happened was to teach me a lesson.

“She told the others that I had ripped a woman’s headscarf off, and they all flew into a rage.

“I knew if I had fought back, I would only have been hit more. So, I just waited until it was over.”

The youngster said she was threatened by the gang not to got to the police, but her sister did so while she recovered in hospital.


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