Solider Surprises Son By Returning Home For Christmas

First grader Jackson Rescott wanted both an Xbox and his father home for Christmas… and Santa Claus delivered in the most unique way. Jackson’s father, Staff Sgt. David Rescott, had been serving in Kuwait and wasn’t due home until after Christmas. When conditions were made possible that he could come home earlier, he made a point to reach out to his son’s school to do this special surprise for the boy.

Jackson told “Santa” what he wanted for Christmas, and when he said he wanted his dad home, David started pulling off his Santa suit piece by piece as his son stood there in amazement. When the last piece was off, Jackson was stunned: his dad was right in front of him. His wish had come true!

soldier surprises son

soldier surprises son


It was a heartwarming and emotional reunion for a Virginia family when a Marine came home early for Christmas. Staff Sgt. David Rescott had been serving in Kuwait for the last 8 months and was not due home until January 8th of next year. The Rescott family is used to having their dad gone for the holidays, but this year will be different in the best of ways.

With over a week left before Christmas, a class full of first graders in Mrs. Taylor’s class at Widewater Elementary School in Stafford, VA got a surprise visit from Santa Claus. He came by the class to read a holiday story to them… but that wasn’t his only agenda.

When it was finally [Jackson] Rescott’s turn to sit on Santa’s knee, he got up in front of the class and proclaimed his Christmas wish, “I want an Xbox One for Christmas … I also want my dad.”

It was then that “Santa” told little Jackson that he just might be able to make his dream come true. Piece by piece, Santa began removing his glasses, hat, hair, eyebrows and beard to reveal his true identity – Jackson’s father, Sgt. Rescott!

There’s nothing like these stories to put a smile on your face and keep the spirit of Christmas alive and well. We thank SSgt. Rescott for his service and most importantly, we hope Jason gets all the time he wants with dad before he ships back out. What a remarkable story!

What did you think of this article? Did you tear up? Were you smiling when Santa was peeling back those layers to transform into Jackson’s dad?


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