Study Proves Media is Biased Against Trump

Barack Obama’s presidency may have sent a thrill up the leg of Chris Matthews and the rest of the media, but Donald Trump’s has done the exact opposite. I’d say “liberal media,” but I figured that would be a bit redundant, given that every major network with the exception of Fox News is actively working to turn public opinion against Trump. (And Fox wasn’t so hot on Trump during the Republican primary, either.)

Sure, you could find some criticism of Obama in the liberal media, but it was a rarity. Now that a Republican is in office again, dissent is “patriotic” once again, and it’s not just your perception that coverage of the presidency has turned from mostly positive to overwhelmingly negative. A recent study from the Media Research Center shows that Trump is about all CNN talks about – and almost exclusively negatively. In the period they analyzed, Ninety-two percent of CNN’s airtime focused on Trump, and featured 96 anti-Trump guests/panelists, but only seven supporters.

media bias against trump

An early study found that 91 percent of coverage on evening newscasts was negative to the President. Hell – I don’t think even nine percent of the media’s entire coverage of the Obama presidency was negative!

And it’s not just conservative watchdogs that are pointing out this fact. Even the liberal press is writing about it.

Via The Hill:

President Trump earned three times the media coverage in his first hundred days than the three previous presidents, according to a study released Thursday.

The Harvard University study found that Trump was the topic of 41 percent of all news stories during the first 100 days of his administration.

Previous presidents have dominated less than 14 percent of all news stories in that period.

And because it’s Trump in office, you can glean from the fact that the reason they spent three times as much time reporting on Trump compared to previous presidents was for the purpose of negatively reporting on him. Just look at the issues, and how much of the coverage was negative towards Trump.

media bias against trump

Not surprisingly, the study also found that “President Barack Obama was the only president of the past four administrations to receive positive media coverage, with Trump receiving by far the worst.”

The media’s love affair with Obama was real, and their conspiring against Trump is equally as real, no matter how much they deny it.


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