SUPPORT TOMI – Receives death threats from Beyonce fans! Disgusting!

Earlier this year, Tomi Lahren upset snowflake Beyonce fans after she called out Black Lives Matter protesters and took aim at Beyonce over her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Tomi asked what the BLM purpose was asking, is it “an overthrow of ‘white domination?” Going on she called out Beyonce’s ‘Black Panther’ reference at the Super Bowl, and her husband Jay Z – a former crack dealer for 14 years – you can watch this video here.

As we expected, this upset the usually calm and loving liberal supporters of Beyonce who made Tomi their prime target for online venom!

However, this has now escalated after a fake Tomi Lahren tweet was posted advising the following: “Stepping out with my REAL HAIR, that Beyonce pays thousands for.”

Yep! And that has set them off, following the fake tweet, thousands of Beyonce fans started to hashtag RIPTomiLahren – so much so that they begun to wish she had passed away!

How much lower can these people go! Support Tomi! #WeSupportTomiLahren!


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