Support Our Vets Over Illegals!!!!! Veterans Just Put Sen. Elizabeth Warren & The Democrats On Notice!


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), this is a warning! It’s time to put veterans first over the illegal immigrants and other criminal refugees you and your party wish to bring into this country.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends Weekend” were members of the group Veterans Assisting Veterans who explained their massive opposition to the immigration policies of Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other liberal lawmakers.

They are demanding that the interests of veterans are placed above those of undocumented immigrants

“Elizabeth Warren and people like her seem to have a very hard time understanding the difference between legal and illegal. … It seems to be the fact that she’s more interested in creating political theater than she is in helping Americans,” MacDonald said.


Who agrees that the U.S.A should put the needs of veterans over illegal immigrants?! We support President Trump who has vowed to rid our nation of illegal immigrants and support our vets!

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