SWEDEN ATTACKS: Trump Was Right! Why Is Mainstream Media Ignoring The Mess That Is Sweden?!

Mainstream media have pounced on a claim that Trump made in Orlando about the terrible things that have been happening in Sweden, claiming nothing happened… How stupid are the liberal media? This is what he was referring to:

Firstly, let’s look at the B.S that CNN has been spinning:


Let’s clear this up…

When Trump referred to the attacks in Sweden, he wasn’t referring to a single terrorist attack. He NEVER said that! He was referring to the issues that Sweden has been having with refugee crime – from rapes to beatings.

Trump was referring to the interview below with Carlson Tucker. Tucker was interview Ami Horowitz, a director who produced a film about the crime and rape that’s been skyrocketing since the influx of refugees in Sweden!

Watch here:

Watch Ami Horowitz’s documentary below:


Do we really want this in our country! President Trump wants to put America First – the mainstream media are working against him, but if we share this with America, we can get him even more support!

God bless patriots!

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