Thank You Rush! What Rush Limbaugh Said Will Have Trump Saying ‘Thanks Rush!’

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh appeared as a guest on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace to discuss President Trump’s relationship with the mainstream media, and what he said will have Trump sending a ‘Thank you!’

And Limbaugh, host of “The Rush Limbaugh Show” did not hold back. He believes the left-wing media is attempting to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

He said some members of the media have a blueprint for destroying Republican officials but that it won’t work on Trump since he doesn’t fit the mold.

“The media did not make Donald Trump and they can’t destroy him,” Limbaugh said.

In an earlier interview with Wallace, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said there was “absolutely” no collusion between anyone in the Trump campaign and Russia prior to the election. Limbaugh agreed.

“It is preposterous to believe that the Russians had any effect on the outcome of voting in this country,” Limbaugh said.

He added that President Barack Obama was never challenged seriously by the media during his presidency. Therefore, Trump needs to keep his supporters on board, he said, thus the purpose for Saturday’s campaign rally in Melbourne, Fla.

“Donald Trump has nobody helping him other than the people who voted for him,” Limbaugh said. “Obama had the media. Obama had the judiciary. Obama had all kinds of support.”

Watch the full interview below:

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