THERE’S MORE! Trump CNN Takedown & what this means for the future of lying mainstream media!

We all saw Trump destroy CNN today – the press conference held at Trump Tower saw the President-elect directly call out CNN for their poor Russian hacking coverage and label them fake news! But what does this mean for CNN? Are they, as Trump suggests – failing?

Well, it would appear that liberal media has been on the wane for sometime, CNN along with Buzzfeed as mentioned by Trump, are not only terrible but also struggling.

And it could be why their media coverage has become so desperate. Constantly looking for ways to reinvent and re-tell stories – hence Trump’s claim they are “fake news”.

According to TheWrap, which compared several news outlets, Fox News ranks number 1 on a consistent basis. For the week of September 12, 2016, CNN and MSNBC failed to crack the TOP 10 networks among total day viewers.

MSNCB drew 656,000 viewers and CNN with 651,000. However, Fox beat both of them combined with 1.4 million!

So doesn’t it seem obvious that in order to drum up numbers, CNN & co. have to get even more ridiculous?!


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