Tomi Lahren & President Trump Just Agreed On This One Massive Thing!

You will recall earlier in the week Samantha Bee made an offensive comment about a cancer sufferer having a “nazi haircut”. But it’s just brought our President and Tomi Lahren closer together!

What Samantha Bee said, a liberal “comedian” was offensive and humiliating. During her show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee”, she thought it would be funny to make of CPAC.

However she also singled out Kyle Coddington, a 20-year-old student during a segment called “new Nazis”.

Watch it here:

However, after calling this cancer patient a Nazi, this has only brought the right closer together. Determined in their fight to tackle liberals!

In the days that followed a ‘go fund me’ page was set up for Kyle which you can find here. To make matters worse Samantha Bee’s show gave $1000 to help with his medical expenses….yep $1000! Terrible!

This is where both the President and Tomi Lahren came together. Lahren issuing her support for Kyle and calling out the left for their hypocrisy in their response to Bee’s comments:

This was then followed by the President tweeting his support for Kyle and agreeing with Lahren:

You can watch that full response here:

God bless our President and God bless Tomi Lahren!


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