Tomi Lahren with Bill O’Reilly – Trump Inauguration – Tomi & Bill shoot down ‘intolerant left’

As we previously reported on Freedom Liberty News here, a number of pro-Trump artists have declined performing at the Inauguration due to the backlash from liberal fans and media.

In one of Bill O’Reilly’s final shows of 2016, he invited Tomi Lahren onto his show to discuss the matter after Andrea Bocelli reportedly backed out of performing due to the backlash and abuse he received over social media from Clinton voters and liberals.

As you will see, Lahren and O’Reilly are quick to call out the left, with Lahren accurately describing them as “the unloving and intolerant left” for the online outrage they’ve shown over any celebrity who associates with Donald Trump.

Lahren makes particular point of the abuse Kanye West received who met with Donald Trump not long after his election victory at Trump Tower in New York City.

Watch the full interview here.

This behavior continues from the left, and it is disgusting! Share and comment if you agree!



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