Tomi Lahren On Hannity – She Had A Message For Liberals That Will Have Them Seeing RED!

We love Tomi Lahren. We’ve said it 100’s of times! Why? She’s an outspoken Conservative who calls the left out on their b.s and doesn’t care what they think of say. And today on Hannity she had a message for the left that will have them fuming!

Lahren, host of “Tomi” on The Blaze TV, said that “political correctness is intellectual dishonesty,” and her primary goal is to be honest.

Hannity asked her how she developed a conservative, libertarian viewpoint at such a young age.

“I grew up watching this mainstream media and seeing a lot of the BS perpetuated by the mainstream media … and I wanted to combat that,” Lahren said. “So I started off at an early age, and we’re just getting started.”

Hannity asked her how she deals with the personal attacks that come along with being an outspoken conservative.

“In order for me to give respect to what they’re saying, I have to respect them,” Lahren said. “And when they’re on the internet trolling me, saying nasty, disgusting, vile things – which by the way is really a true testament to the unloving and intolerant left – I laugh it off.”

“It’s just a testament to what I’m doing. I’m getting under their skin and I love it.”

Yes! You go Tomi, we love watching your work! Keeping doing your thing!

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