Did Tomi Lahren Just Announce She Is Leaving The Blaze For Fox…?!

Conservative political pundits around the country have been calling it, but it appears it’s only a matter of time before Tomi Lahren makes the move to Fox. But is her latest post a sign that the time has come?

Posting to her 690,000 Instragram followers, Lahren posted:

“I’m blessed to have lived in so many wonderful places. Texas, you’ve been good to me. I see this beautiful mural wall behind me every single day coming in and out of TheBlaze but never stopped to appreciate it. Life is short. You never know how long this particular chapter will last. Take it in and enjoy every second of it. Someone, somewhere would die to live here.”


Many fans have interpreted the post as a goodbye to Texas, and farewell to the The Blaze. But also a great replacement for Shepard Smith!

Is it time for Lahren to take her seat permanently at Fox?!









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