Tomi Taken Off Air Following Abortion Comments – Posts Her Response On Social Media

Tomi Lahren’s appearance on NBC’s “The View” came as a surprise to many when she voiced her opinions on abortion.

Lahren, the 24-year-old host of the show Tomi on the conservative website, said on The View that she supports abortion rights, saying that as someone who supports limited government, it would be hypocritical of her to believe the government should decide what women should do with their bodies.

Conservative writers, social media users and talk show hosts – including Blaze founder Glenn Beck – soon fired back, criticising Lahren’s comments and justification. And yesterday, Leon Wolf, managing editor of the Blaze, told CNN that “Tomi’s show will not be in production this week”.

But Lahren does not seem fazed by the drama at all.

Posting to her Twitter she asked her followers if there was “anything good on TV?”

Later, she thanked liberals for their support:

What do y’all think of Tomi’s comments? Lahren’s comments certainly put her offside with the majority of conservative Americans!

Post your thoughts below:

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