Travel Ban Bombing! Trump Gets The Last Laugh As Mainstream Media Goes Quiet!

President Trump rolled out the travel ban to keep America safe. It’s intention was America first. Unfortunately a liberal Judge played politics and lifted the ban – but Trump has just had the last laugh, proving it was needed all along.

Somalia, a country banned by Trump suffered a terrorist bombing today which killed 39.

The suicide bomber used a car bomb and targeted a busy market just days after the country elected a new president.

The car was driven by a suicide bomber, said Ahmed Abdulle Afrax, the mayor of Wadajir district where the bombing happened.

“We carried 39 dead bodies and there were many others injured,” Dr. Abdikadir Abdirahman, director of the Aamin Ambulance Service, told Reuters.

Madina Hospital took in 47 injured people, Dr. Mohamed Yusuf, the manager, said.

The Islamist terrorist group al-Shabab had not claimed responsibility for the attack but they had called the new president “evil-minded” and an “apostate,” while vowing to continue fighting the government.


Trump’s travel ban was introduced to stop people from these countries coming to the U.S.A!

A poll recently found that more Americans support the travel ban than oppose it although the level is just below a majority.


Let’s share this news all over Facebook – Somalia is a dangerous terrorist filled country and we should take every precaution to put America First!

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