Trump already reduces govt spending! This announcement shows ‘Make America Great Again’ is happening!

We’e seen all the economic headlines since Trump won the election. Our country is rebounding and Trump has been able to successfully keep hundreds of thousands of American jobs in America! The United States of America!

But today’s announcement is a further sign of Trump’s commitment to lowering wasteful government spending and returning the U.S to a true world powerhouse!

After Trump shared his feelings about the cost of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 aircraft being too high, today Marilyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin announced a new deal was close to being confirmed¬†with significantly lowers the cost of the F-35.

“I certainly share his views that we need to get the best capability to our men and women in uniform, and we have to get it at the lowest possible price,” Hewson said to reporters in Trump Tower.

Hewson had previously assured Trump she would drive down the cost of the company’s fighter jet, after he tweeted last month that he was asking rival aerospace company Boeing Co (BA.N) whether it could offer a cheaper alternative to the F-35.

Another great step for Trump’s American dream!

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