Trump Arrived In North Carolina – Does TWO Amazing Things

Donald Trump arrived in North Carolina today as part of his ‘Thank You Tour’ following his Presidential election victory over the old Democratic foe, Lying Hillary Clinton.

But his tour will be remembered for 2 amazing things. The first, as we all expected was the appointment of James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis who he formally announced as the man to lead the defence department.

We all know about Mad Dog’s credentials, our social media has been blowing up since Trump hinted Mattis was a contender! Our favorite part? Trump introduced James Mattis as ‘Mad Dog’ to crowd – that shows us he knows what he’s going to get with this guy and our advice? Our enemies better watch out, the USA is coming.

The second amazing aspect of this story was that while in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Donald Trump quietly stepped into a local Arby’s. Without much fanfare and with a discreet security detail, President-Elect Trump stopped for selfies and signed napkins for diners. It was very much the down-to-earth side of Trump that initially appealed to us when he first announced his campaign! A real man of the people and a name change from the elitist Obama.


Towards the end of his visit he even stopped to talk to a table which included a returned Iraq veteran.

We can only salute Donald Trump for this.

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