Trump Brings Back Jobs, Flushes Obama Legacy With One Executive Order!

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that will wipe out further evidence of Obama as President and bring back jobs to the USA.

The order will unravel former president Barack Obama’s plan to curb global warming.

The order seeks to suspend, rescind or flag for review more than a half-dozen measures in an effort to boost domestic energy production in the form of fossil fuels.

As part of the roll-back, Trump will initiate a review of the Clean Power Plan, which restricts greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants.

At a press conference in Tuesday afternoon Washington time, Trump called the Clean Power Plan a “crushing attack on American industry”.

He said his new plan would “put an end to the war on coal”.

“With today’s executive action, I am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on American energy, to reverse government intrusion and to cancel job-killing regulations,” Trump said.

“We’re ending the theft of American prosperity and rebuilding our beloved country.

“We’re bringing back those magnificent words ‘made in the USA’.”

God bless you Trump! He’s putting American workers first!

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