Trump just announces inauguration details that sinks Obama!

With only a few days to go until his inauguration, President-elect Trump just announced some details that have made Obama’s inaugurations look cheap!

Raising twice as much as Obama, Trump has revealed he has $90 million to pay for his inauguration celebrations! That’s twice as much as both of Obama’s ceremonies combined!

AND in what will finally be a return to class to the White House, Trump has advised it will be a ‘very, very elegant day’.

And while the president-elect’s team has raised more money than any president in history, Trump hopes to avoid a ‘circus-like atmosphere’ at the event, where he will recite the traditional 35-word oath.

Lead inaugural planner Tom Barrack said this week the Trump team is aiming for a ‘back to work’ mindset at the event, which will surround Trump ‘with the soft sensuality of the place’.

We cannot wait! It’s going to be massive!


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