Trump Just Crushed The Democrats – AGAIN!

President Trump is making a good habit of crushing, destroying, and demoralizing the Democrats. Trump has now broken through the gridlock created by Democrats to announced his Treasury Secretary. 

Never been in U.S history has a President had to wait so long to get his Cabinet confirmed by Congress. The delays imposed by Democrats have been ridiculous! But thanks to Trump, Congress is finally getting work done.

Steven Mnuchin was just confirmed as the Treasury Secretary. With the news that his confirmation was imminent Wall Street rallied today. For the first time in our history, the Stock Market reached 20,436. It closed at 20,412 which is the highest it has ever been!

After his swearing-in, Mnuchin announced his thanks over twitter:

Do y’all think President Trump has made another great choice! Putting America First y’all! Comment below and tell us what you think!

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