Trump Is About To Have North Korea Running Scared!!!

Just last week, North Korea launched yet another ballistic missile test, firing four missiles – and this one came from a unit tasked with reaching US military bases in Japan. That information comes from North Korea’s state media agency KCNA.

The missiles landed 200 miles short of Japan’s shoreline. There are a total of over 54,000 American troops stationed at seven bases across Japan.

They might have been able to get away with such a stunt under Obama’s administration – but not Trump’s. After a different missile test in February, General Jim Mattis said that North Korea was being “put on notice” – and now we know what he meant by that.

The annual Foal Eagle military drills between the US and South Korea will include some heavy hitters this year — the Navy SEAL team that took out Osama bin Laden, Army Special Forces, and F-35s — South Korea’s Joon Gang Daily reports.

South Korean news outlets report that the SEALs, who will join the exercise for the first time, will simulate a “decapitation attack,” or a strike to remove North Korea’s leadership.

For anyone a bit confused, the reference to “decapitation” above is speaking of “leadership decapitation,” meaning killing the leadership of an enemy government. It’s extremely unlikely that heads will literally be rolling.

A decapitation force would fit with a March 1 Wall Street Journal report that the White House is considering military action against the Kim regime.

The SEALs boarded the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and should arrive in South Korea on Wednesday, Joon Gang Daily reports.

South Korea has also made efforts toward a decapitation force, and international calls for action have increased in intensity after North Korea’s latest missile test, which simulated a saturation attack to defeat US and allied missile defenses.


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