Trump Did It! ObamaCare = Repealed! Watch His Full Speech

President Trump did it! As promised he repealed and replaced ObamaCare, keeping yet another campaign promise.  The House voted 217-213 to pass the Republican bill that will erase large portions of the signature healthcare reforms passed by former president Barack Obama in 2010.

Its going to be an unbelievable victory . . . when we get it through the Senate,” Mr Trump said in the Rose Garden, flanked by dozens of congressmen “This has really brought the Republican party together.”

Republicans hailed the result as a significant step towards scrapping Obamacare, one of the top issues for the party’s core voters in the 2016 election.

“Insurance companies are fleeing Obamacare — it is dead. Our healthcare plan will lower premiums & deductibles — and be great healthcare!” Mr Trump tweeted before the vote.

 “This has really brought the Republican party together.” President Donald Trump said after the bill passed.

Hell yes! He did it, despite mainstream media saying Paul Ryan didn’t have the numbers, he did – and Trump even thanked him for it.

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