Trump Is Set To Sign A Huge New Executive Order Monday That Will Have Liberals Everywhere Spewing!

God bless President Trump. Only a few weeks into his presidency and he’s been working at a speed so fast, many Washington pundits haven’t seen anything like it before.

In what seemed like only a few days ago, Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’ was introduced and then repealed by a left leaning judge. However, a new report suggests that on Monday, Trump will sign the new and improved Travel Ban 2.0.

Trump is expected tomorrow to sign the executive order barring immigration from Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

The details of the new executive order haven’t yet been released and it isn’t clear what changes this new order will have in comparison to the original order Trump signed in late January.

According to the Washington Post, several of the potential changes include:

  • Iraq being removed from the list of banned nations because of the Iraqi government’s help in fighting the Islamic State
  • That the new order won’t go into effect immediately after being signed
  • And that the new order won’t contain a religious minority exception, which many critics argued proved Trump’s entire goal behind the order was to prevent Muslims from entering the U.S.

While we’ve been discussing the possibly a new Travel Ban for weeks, it is understood the administration pushed it back following Trump’s extremely successful speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday.

But, we can expect a backlast with the American Civil Liberties Union, already vowing to take the next Travel Ban to court, Saturday tweeting “we’re ready. See you in court (again) @realDonaldTrump”


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