Trump Does Something Massive For Coal Miners – Brings Out U.S Coal Miner To Shut Liberals Up!

God bless you, President Trump! In one day he’s saved another American industry, brought back jobs and shut up the negative liberals.

Hillary would have killed the coal industry and the thousands and thousands of jobs with it. But no Trump, and to prove his point, that he’d saved jobs and an industry, he bought several coal miners along with him for a special event that would see them saved!

You’ve got to respect and love this man! Here he saving America – another promise KEPT!

What Trump signed today will repeal Obama’s attempts at destroying the coal industry, with Trump’s legislation protecting coal miners from legislation that was blocking U.S companies from mining.

Watch it here:


This is why the left and their media are so mad at Donald Trump. He’s working for America, helping this country, keeping promises and making them look stupid!

He’s destroying the liberal left!

Let’s bless Donald Trump and share this great news, heck – CNN won’t report this!!



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