Trump Has Sorted Mike Flynn’s Replacement – And This Man LOVES Killing Terrorists!

President Trump has kicked off the first weeks of his presidency by working at a speed we’ve never seen before. And while yes, there will be ups and downs, he’s moving quickly to replace Michael Flynn – and this man will have our country firing into top position and kicking terrorist butt!

Reported by the Washington Examiner, it is expected that the replacement for Flynn will be Vice Admiral Robert Harward! The Washington Examiner explained:

““Harward enlisted in the Navy out of high school, got a fleet appointment to Annapolis, rose through the ranks to become a Navy SEAL, and ultimately became that community’s top commander. He retired in 2013 after serving as the three-star deputy to then-Gen. Jim Mattis at U.S. Central Command, who is now the defense secretary.”

Now we think this man would be amazing – if Gen. Mattis wants him too, then we do too!! In fact, Harward served under Mattis and is a closer personal friend.

Mattis love kicking ass and taking names – Harward will be the same! Respect!

Trump is also considering former CIA Director David Petraeus and General Joseph Kellogg! Check out more on all 3 candidates below:



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