Trump Supporter Sara Underwood flashes nipples as she gets wet and wild in Greece

The 33-year-old American model has earned an army of fans with her racy adventures around the world.

She visits some of the most beautiful destinations imaginable and then whips her kit off for some sexy photos and videos.

Her most recent holiday was to Santorini in Greece, where she looked jaw-dropping in a white swimsuit.

A video she posted online begins with a close-up of her enviably toned bum as she walks onto a sun-kissed balcony with an amazing view.

sara underwood

Sara Underwood teased fans with her see-through outfit in the Instagram video from Greece

But all eyes are on Sara as she relaxes in the sunshine before things get even steamier.

After another close-up of her behind, the camera turns to her front which has inexplicably become wet – despite there being not a cloud in the sky – resulting in her top becoming see through.

Sara has been updating fans with her trip abroad with her usual cheeky snaps – in one pic, the model claims to have run out of clothes so instead drapes a scarf over herself – genius really.

The video of her antics in Greece sent her eight million followers on Instagram wild.

“God creating women knew what he was doing,” wrote one.

Another added: “You have the face of an angel.”

And a third commented: “I can’t stop watching this!”

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