Trump Turned To The Camera And Said What Every FBI And Law Enforcement Agent In This Country Needed To Hear!

During a press conference Thursday, President Trump was asked about the reputation of the FBI and his opinions of them and law enforcement – his response left every FBI agent cheering around the U.S. and the world.

“We need a great director of the FBI. I cherish the FBI, it’s special. All over the world, no matter where you go, the FBI is special. The FBI has not had that special reputation with what happened with the campaign, the Hillary campaign…” 

“We’re going to have a Director who is going to be outstanding I’ll be announcing that soon. And I look forward to doing it, I think the people in the FBI will be very, very thrilled.”

– President Donald J Trump.

Forget what the lying mainstream media is telling you, isn’t that the truth? Amen!

Comey ruined the reputation of the FBI, we all know that. He ruined so many investigations. Let’s make America great again. Let’s make our FBI great again.

With Trump we can do anything!


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