TRUMP WIN: 161 People Arrested In ICE Raids! All With One Sick Thing In Common!

Thank God for President Trump. As previously reported here, our country needs to secure our borders and put America first, and these latest updates show that Trump is doing what he said, but we have a battle on our hands after a sick fact is revealed about those arrested.

Following a five-day raid this past week in Southern California, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials revealed they have arrested 161 people.

According to ICE, these raids were “routine” and were planned before President Donald Trump took office.

However, in a clear sign we need better border security and for Trump to take FULL CONTROL, of course approximately 75% have past criminal histories. Others were arrested since they were found to be undocumented as other arrests were taking place, said David Marin, director of Enforcement and Removal Operations for ICE in Los Angeles.

ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice said it was not immediately clear how many of those arrested had been deported.

Let us be very clear: They MUST be deported for the security and safety of our nation. We need to support President Trump and allow him to secure our country – it’s no laughing matter. Our safety and our country must be number 1 priority at all times!

President Trump was right, countries like Mexico are not sending us their best citizens! We are getting the criminals, drug dealers and sex offenders!

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