Trump’s Latest Executive Order Will Win Him 2020! This Is Putting America First

President Trump continues to keep his promises. And while many are related to ideological issues, others will have a very real impact on the day-to-day lives of millions of Americans.

His newest executive order is among the latter, a move that will provide jobs to MILLIONS and boost our economy in ways that are going to make Barack Obama howl with rage.

President Trump has decided to make it a whole lot easier for companies in America to hire apprentices.

And he’s going to pour a LOT more money into encouraging companies to do so.

After signing the order, Trump stated:

“We have regulations on top of regulations. And in history, nobody has gotten rid of so many regulations as the Trump administration. And that’s one of the reasons that you see the jobs and the companies all kicking in so strongly.

“The Department of Labor to date has been very prescriptive and very restrictive on the apprenticeship programs, but the Department of Labor is not an expert as to various individual sectors and what the qualifications are.

“So we’re going to let the industry put forth its proposals as to what should make up a high-quality apprenticeship program. But the Department of Labor still sits over and above it and still adjudicates it at the end of the day.

“Apprenticeships teach striving Americans the skills they need to operate incredible machines. And some of these machines are so intricate, so powerful, and, really — the word is — they are incredible. This is not the old days; this is new and computerized and complicated, and you really have to know what you’re doing.”

Y’all – this is President Trump making America great, and putting our country first. He’s keeping his promises.

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