Tucker Carlson Ruins A ‘Sanctuary City’ Liberal Mayor In Hard Hitting Interrogation!


Fox News host Tucker Carlson this week took on the mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, during his show on Friday for vowing to remaining a “sanctuary city,” despite President Trump’s pledge to withhold federal funds from such cities.

Carlson pressed Hartford on the crimes committed by illegal immigrants in the city – to which Hartford was completely lost!

Bronin told Carlson that he asked his police chief for those statistics, who told him that “virtually none” of the crime in Hartford is committed by illegal immigrants, but the city will continue to “prioritize law enforcement efforts on those people who actually pose a risk,” while they try to repair their bankrupt city.But Carlson was quick to point out that Bronin didn’t actually answer his question with a figure.

“When you say virtually no crimes in Hartford are committed by illegal immigrants, what’s the number?” he pressed.

As the interview went on, Hartford struggled to come up with an exact number – despite saying he had spoken to the Chief of Police.

“Are you telling me you didn’t get the exact number from your chief of police? Clearly they commit some. A lot of people commit crimes,” Carlson replied. “How many were committed by illegal aliens in Hartford last year? You’re telling me you don’t know.”

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