Tucker Carlson Supports Pro-Life In Heated Debate Over Planned Parenthood!

Fox News host Tucker Carlson got into a heated debate with Democrat Jehmu Greene over Planned Parenthood funding on his show Friday night.

Carlson who strongly supports life had to pull the debate several times after it became so heated, his liberal opponent began shouting over him.

Carlson began the segment by explaining President Donald Trump’s recent proposal to Planned Parenthood: that if the organization would stop providing abortions, then he would have no problems giving the organization its $500 million in taxpayer funds each year.

Planned Parenthood has said they aren’t interested in the proposal because they want to continue providing abortions. So that led Carlson to wonder a simple question: If Planned Parenthood’s services are so vital to women, and if abortions make up a tiny percent of their business — like they claim — why aren’t they willing to stop providing abortions so they can continue to collect tax payer funding?

Carlson directed that question to Greene — who refused to answer it.

This is when it got really good, watch in full here:





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