Should U.S secure its northern border? Canadian PM issues worrying statement

It’s probably something we Americans haven’t had to contemplate too much. The focus, these last 18-24 months has been the influx of illegal immigrants pouring through at our southern border, some of who may have allegiances to ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

However, ¬†we now need to turn our attention to the north and Canada. In his Christmas message, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thanked the Muslim community for its contribution to Canada stating “Canada is stronger because of you…that is why our government supports initiatives that encourage inclusion and equality”.

Trudeau then went on to say that in the Christmas spirit of giving, Canada will continue to absorb refugees from Syria.

Over the past year Canada has taken in nearly 40,000 Syrian refugees, the majority of which are Muslim.

This begs the question, do we need a wall on our northern border with Canada? If a Syrian refugee can gain citizenship in Canada, what’s stopping them from reaching Washington D.C, New York City or Los Angeles?!






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