U.S Voter Fraud: Foreign Immigrant Arrested And Jailed!

During President Trump’s Sunday interview with Bill O’Reilly, the president said he was going to launch a “major investigation” into the issue of voter fraud, “we’re going to look at it very, very carefully” he told O’Reilly.

Well, breaking news out of Texas again shows the president was correct with the arrest and conviction of Mexican citizen, Rosa Maria Ortega. Ortega is not a U.S citizen, but came to the U.S her mother when she was a child, according to KXAS-TV.

Ortega was arrested and indicted on two counts of illegal voting in 2015 after police discovered she had applied for voter registration in Dallas County, Texas, and that she had falsely indicated on the application form she was a U.S. citizen. This, after a statement from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Ortega applied for voter registration in nearby Tarrant County five months earlier, but was rejected because she marked that she was not a U.S. citizen, but a U.S. legal resident.

Ortega’s lawyer argued during her trial, however, that Ortega did not understand the difference between a “resident” and “citizen.”

Each one of Ortega’s two charges carried the potential sentence of up to 20 years in prison. While Ortega got one-fifth of the possible prison sentence for both charges, the Dallas Morning News reported she was als0 fined $5,000 for each count.

“This case shows how serious Texas is about keeping its elections secure, and the outcome sends a message that violators of the state’s election law will be prosecuted to the fullest,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, according to multiple outlets.

Ortega’s sentence came as President Donald Trump and his administration have vowed to crack down on voter fraud.

And the liberals still claim Trump is wrong! The arrest of Ortega is only the beginning!

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