U.S.A! With a few words, Trump does something amazing for Ohio & Michigan!

Remember on the campaign trail when Donald Trump said, “we are going to win so much, you are going to get tired of all the winning?” Well, are you – because Trump continues to win and this latest accomplishment will have people in Ohio and Michigan singing his praises!

We are sure no one is actually tired of it yet, because he hasn’t even had his inauguration, but also because what he is doing is so important to the American people!

In a series of tweets, he announced Fiat Chrysler would be investing $1 billion dollars in Michigan and Ohio – adding 2000 jobs!

Amazing stuff, but it got better, the President-elect also revealed Ford would expand in Michigan and U.S instead of building a billion dollar plant in Mexico!

How good is that – we now realize how USELESS Obama was!



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