VIDEO: Mattis Just Updated The Media On ISIS – The USA Is Kicking ASS!

Finally, Defence Secretary James Mattis gave us the news we’ve all been waiting for. In fact we’ve been waiting for this moment since Trump was elected and Mattis was appointed to his administration.

Thanks to Mattis and a Trump presidency, we are now fighting ISIS from South East Asia to Africa. Even as ISIS continue to plot attacks – “they are no longer carrying an air of strength” according to Mattis.

We are destroying them!

Key points:

  • Authority has been delegated to generals so they can make timely decisions without needing to call Washington first
  • The military is now surrounding ISIS to eliminate them instead of Obama’s strategy of spreading them out until the give up
  • We have gotten funds and resources from Arab countries and Europe we didn’t have before
  • In Afghanistan, we (U.S) killed the leader plus 2/3’s of their fighting force “thanks to on-going efforts”
  • The U.S has an effort against Libya – and now ISIS no longer owns any major territory.

Watch it here:

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