VP Pence Was Discussing Trump’s Speech – Then This Happened! AMAZING!

Vice President Mike Pence is an amazing man, appearing on Fox and Friends to recap President Trump’s speech to Congress, he said he was humbled and privileged to take part in the event.

“It was a great night for America,” Pence said.


“What the American people saw last night for that one-hour speech was the president of the United States stepping forward and laying out an agenda to rebuild our military, to restore our economy, to repeal and replace Obamacare, to have the kind of trade deals and the kind of tax reform that will really get this economy going again, to end illegal immigration. I think that’s the reason why the speech is resonating all across the country.”

Pence said the American people got the chance to see the president he works with every day — exhibiting “broad-shouldered strength” and a “big heart.”

“I think he left the Capitol with a sense that he had laid a foundation for really moving this country forward,” he said.

But it’s what happened next during a more intimate interview that really had us amazed!

He discussed Trump’s tribute to fallen Navy Seal William ‘Ryan’ Owens. This was beautiful

VP Pence even told us what was said to Carryn Owens in private after the speech:
“Afterwards, the president and I spent a little bit more time with her and reminded her that the Congress represents the entire country. The tribute that her husband and her family received was really how all the American people feel about him and feel about all those who serve.”
This makes us proud to be American! How about y’all?

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