WAITRESS HERO! But Waffle House then fire waitress for shooting gun during armed robbery!

Is Waffle House anti-second amendment? That’s the impression we’ve got after a waitress was fired after retrieving a gun for self-defence during an armed robbery was FIRED from a Waffle house in Georgia.

The incident which occurred 2:30 a.m Thursday morning was described by local network WSBTV as ‘the robbers gave a note to the waitress that threatened to shoot everyone unless she gave them money.”

Waitress, Heather Stanley, went out to her car and grabbed her handgun, she then “fired one shot into the air”, the attempted robbers then ran to their cars.

Customer Peter Jones said, “she was exercising her American right to defend and protect herself, as far as I am concerned, and that of my family – she saved our lives! Everyones lives!”

Unfortunately for Waffle House executives, that American right was not good enough and Stanley was fired shortly after the incident. Waffle House allegedly have anti-gun rules on their establishment allowing carry for police and security staff only, even in states which allow concealed carry!

What do y’all think of this? Should Heather Stanley be given her job back and congratulated for being a hero?

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