The Wall WILL HAPPEN! Trump Just Dropped Two Epic Tweets That Promise It WILL Happen!

We love President Trump! We are not tired of winning yet, and we are not tired of him simply doing what he said he would. His plan to put America first, make us great and make the U.S safe is happening – step by step he will make this country number 1!

This week he has been unfairly targeted and hammered by the liberal media who continue to claim he will not be able to build the wall! LIES! Simple as that! They are trying to tarnish his reputation and turn us against him.

A recent pile of liberal b.s was a report by Reuters that allegedly saw a “leaked” report from Homeland Security claiming the wall could cost up to $22 Billion and take 3.5 years to build.

Yeah right! Maybe if this was the Obama administration who spent 8 years WASTING taxpayer money, but not Trump!

Thankfully, Trump shot back tweeting:

Indeed, Trump makes a great point! Like he did with the F-35 fighter jets or the price of Air Force one, he negotiated the price “way DOWN”.

President Trump is a proven negotiator and a businessman. This isn’t his first rodeo! We trust him on this!

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