Watch This Huffington Post Reporter Lose His Job Trying To Ruin Trump At CPAC

The liberal media is in a losing battle with President Trump and they are getting more and more desperate to try to convince the public they should be believed, but in a startling development, one Huffington Post reporter has just destroyed his, and his employers reputation.

During President Trump’s speech at CPAC, Huffington Post writer Ryan Clayton tried to protest by handing out Trump branded Russian flags. Thankfully security stopped him before he was able to make a scene, or get noticed.


But it got even worse! Clayton returned with an dumber plan by faking a Russian accent and making claims that Russian picked and helped Trump win the presidency..

This is the proof we need to show that liberal media has gone nuts!



How can anyone trust reporters like this to produce news which is true, not bias and factual!

The answer: we can’t!

This should be boycotted – don’t watch or read the Huffington Post or anything by Ryan Clayton! Support Trump and his anti-fake news crusade and share this message with everyone y’all!

God bless!

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