WATCH: Joe The Plumber Is Back! And He’s Taking Down Starbucks & Liberals!

Remember Joe The Plumber? He was the hard-working American who rallied an entire movement against Barrack Obama. Well he’s back, and boy, do we agree with this!

Liberty Alliance vice president Joe Wurzelbacher, better known as “Joe The Plumber”, said Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz should focus on hiring 10,000 veterans rather than pledging to hire that number of refugees.

Wurzelbacher called Schultz’ announcement “political grandstanding”.

He said that Schultz ironically can only make such a pledge because of the policy platform of President Trump, who the executive opposes.

For people to afford “overpriced coffee” they have to have jobs too, he added.

Wurzelbacher said he would support any boycott of Starbucks over the new announcement because no one in that type of demonstration would break windows or set limousines ablaze as Inauguration Day protesters did.

Yes! We agree with Joe? Do y’all? Starbucks is clearly trying to rock Trump and smooch with the left! It is no more than cheap political grandstanding!

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